When your A/C breaks and you need it fixed and fixed correctly you can rely on us.  We believe high quality service is our greatest asset.  If your ac is repairable, we can repair it.  We take great pride in our ability to offer tailored solutions to your service needs always working to do what makes the best financial sense.  In order to avoid costly repairs we highly recommend having your system serviced twice a year.  Maintenance is crucial to your equipment’s longevity. We offer a twice per year maintenance program for the heating and cooling seasons. We don’t just show up and verify that you have an air conditioner or heater, we fully service your system and ensure that all parts of the system are at optimal condition to withstand the season ahead!


For cooling season we:

  • Check refrigerant levels using subcool and superheat based on your systems metering device type
  • check all starting components, wire terminals, contactors, voltages and amp draw
  • wash the outdoor coil and oil the motor if applicable
  • visually inspect the duct system in the attic
  • blow the drain lines using high pressure CO2
  • check the float switches for proper operation
  • inspect the evaporator coil and plenum for cleanliness
  • Check blower wheel and motor for cleanliness 

In the heating season we:

  • Check gas heaters for failed heat exchangers that could cause carbon monoxide leaks
  • Check the draft inducer motor
  • Check all of the safety switches
  • Check electrical connections and amp loads.
  • Check flue piping

If your system is a heat pump we essentially do an A/C check without blowing the drain, additionally we check the electric heat strips and associated safeties.

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